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Your tree was planted on the 2nd January 2019

Your tree was planted on the 2nd January 2019

Information about your tree:

Species: Wayfaring tree (Viburnum lantana),
Location: Ferme du Plessis, 28190 Pontgouin, France,
Purpose: Afforestation for an eco-village,
Date of plantation: January 2019,
Status: Planted and in good health.

Description of your tree:

The Wayfaring Tree (Viburnum lantana) is a small multi-stemmed deciduous tree native of Europe and North-West Africa, growing up to 5m tall. The leaves are opposite, simple oval to lanceolate, 6–13cm long and 4–9cm broad, with a finely serrated margin; they are densely downy on the underside, less so on the upper surface. It produces dense white hermaphrodite flowers collected in cymes in early summer. During the autumn it produces drupes (or berries) which are green at the beginning, turning red during maturity and finally black when ripe.

The Wayfaring Tree is a very adaptive plant, without any particular soil or weather requirement, although it usually prefers rich alkaline soils and sunny spots. It is very resistant to pruning and it is capable to resist to animal browsing, since it can easily re-grow from its roots.
It is often used as a ornamental plant is cities, where it is usually kept as a shrub or bush, and it is very appreciated for the flowers and the colours of its fruits in autumn and winter.

This tree plays an important ecological service in nature. The flowers are not particularly rich in nectar, but they are very abundant and for this reason they are very appreciated by pollinating insects like bees. The fruits are mildly toxic to humans, but harmless to most birds and small mammals and they constitute an important food source in late autumn and winter to many birds like blackbirds and robins and to small mammals like mice and hamsters.


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